It happened in my class room

The stories written about people often portray that one fine day due to one incident their life transformed and they looked at life with a new perspective. But for me realisation happened over a period of time. I began my career as a lecturer in an engineering college. I handled Database subject in the Information Science Department. As usual there was a bunch of naughty and disinterested students in the class. It did not affect me as long as they solved questions given to them. Among them there was one student Rahul (name changed) who could not execute programs in lab. I used to feel programs require thinking and problem solving skill unlike written exams which involve a lot of mugging. I noticed this and I decided to help him. When asked for  reason, he told that he had difficulty in understanding English. I felt bad for being judgemental and decided to devote more time. I asked him to meet me after class hours to explain the topics that he could not understand in class. Initially he was punctual and attentive during these sessions. But later he stopped attending them. I realised that he was ignoring me when I overheard him in the corridor telling other students that I was forcing him into this. I felt bad as I was devoting extra time just to make him understand the subject. I explained him that the extra sessions were for his benefit and not mine and I will not bind him to take these sessions. I am not sure if that explanation helped him but he showed progress in studies after that. I had given difficult queries in the class test. He was one of the few who could solve them. I was happy and rewarded the students with chocolates for solving the queries. I realised that you need not force someone to do things but simple explanation to make them realise would be enough.

A placement preparation class was set up to help students in various activities of campus placement like aptitude, group discussion and interviews. During one of the sessions of group discussion I gave the topic to discuss “Pro’s and Cons of recession” since we were experiencing recession then. I being a victim of recession could not think of any benefits of recession. But Rahul mentioned that due to recession all the distinction students have become lecturers waiting for companies call and they got a chance to be guided by good lecturers. I could not believe that this guy was smart enough to think such a deep thought . I learnt that day that no matter what, there are always two sides of every situation. We just need to identify the good part and be happy. 🙂


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