A generous BMTC bus conductor

This incident happened during my Tesco Days. It was a routine to travel from Marathahalli to office and back, through BMTC buses. Another pattern was that once in two weeks atleast I would forget  my phone in the PG and leave to office. It wasn’t an issue back then, we could live a day without our phone :). I had to just  call up my parents and friends and tell them that I dont have my phone. But on this unusual day I left my wallet in my house. Unaware of this fact, I boarded the bus and by the next stop I realized that I had left my wallet and to my bad luck there wasn’t any money in the bag too. It  was already late to the office. So I really did not know what to do. As the conductor approached me for the money, I told him that I had left my purse in my house. I was expecting some scolding or he would ask me to get down in the same stop.

I have experienced many situations where the conductor either did not return the change( They just write it behind the ticket and would pay back only when your stop arrives. If you are a forgetful person then you would lose that money) or scolded back when you give Rs. 100 or Rs.500 saying “Change illa”. So it would be totally OK if the conductor behaved similarly this time. But to my surprise he said its OK and in a loud voice asked me “What will you do when you return? Do you want money?” I was astonished. I couldn’t believe what he just said. He iterated “Duddu beka?” I thanked him for his concern and told him that I would pay him back the next day. He told its OK. But i kept saying Thank you and I will pay you tomorrow.  I completed my journey with gratitude determined to return his money the next day. But little did I know that it wasn’t the regular bus. I waited in the bus stop for 3 to 4 days after the incident, around the same time, but could not find the bus nor the conductor. But this act of kindness makes me believe in goodwill of human beings. Whoever you are..  May god bless you 🙂  

Signing off,



Picture used only for Illustration. Credits:  news18.com




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