About Me

A diverse interest person, whose interests vary from farming(growing your own food) to dancing Bharatnatyam or Bhangda, trekking the himalayas or western ghats  to eating different types of sweets, Playing Volleyball to cooking different vegetarian cuisines, cycling in the city to making hand made gifts to dear one’s, pursuing research to writing letters to close ones, Traveling new places to collecting currency of different countries, Understanding the similarity in various cultures to organizing various events, Making itineraries to travel to playing with kids and experience their joy , Watching rom-com/inspiring/thriller movies to embroidering/painting clothes, Teaching any topic to preventing people from littering, Looking for ways to recycle to Singing some soulful song, Composting food scraps to Playing cards with family 🙂

Each day I pick a new interest and engage myself 🙂 I had the habit of writing down my best experiences in my diary. Just had a thought why not share with others too 🙂

So here it is.. My experiences with life!!

You could find my random clicks here


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