The Elusive Pithrody beach (Udyavara, Udupi)

There is always something that catches your attention and becomes your motivation to go explore that place. It could be your friends relating their experience or Google’s search which says what to do. For me it was a picture that i came across in the net.

Pithrody back water found at

Too good to believe right?? I was very curious too. I love to explore new places. Most of my Google search would be “places to visit in some place”.  I try to utilize my time after work to see some new place. It was mid-July and my cousin who shares the same interest like me was also free. So noon 2 we decided to visit Pithrody beach which was at the top of my bucket list. I had done some research  to reach the place through public transport (my only hope) . I asked people around if they knew the place to get the directions. But this place wasn’t that famous.  I found some information in the Udupi tourism site and Payaniga blog(page does not exist). I looked up in the Google maps and found a bus stop near the beach and a ferry line. According to me a ferry line is indicated in Google maps if they have ferries moving to and fro (which was not the case here)

We reached Udupi city bus stand and a bus was waiting to go to Pithrody around 2:45 PM. Without asking anyone we got our tickets to last stop of the bus( assuming it to be our destination). It was a nice ride through Ambalpadi towards Pithrody. I had never been to this part of the town. A lot of development surprised me but there were still traces of trees that made me happy. As we were approaching the last stop I could see the narrow strip of land that had caught my attention in the picture. But there were houses around so was hoping to see a way to reach the place. I looked around to ask the conductor the exact stop but he was not in the bus. There was only a lady sitting behind us. Looking at our confused face she asked where we wanted to go. I told pithrody beach and she asked us who told us about it? We got down in the last stop called Pithrody Kamaanu stop. We reached the place around 3:30 PM.

We asked her from where we could get a boat to go to Pithrody beach. She kept asking if we were referring to Kudru. Kudru means island in Tulu. My cousin knew about it, so she asked if we could get a boat to Kudru. She told us they don’t have boat service. They have private boats owned by residents. They live in the island and called someone from their house through mobile and asked to get the boat. Earlier when they did not have phones, they used to make special noise to signal their family members to get the boats. She was surprised as to how we found the place. She could not believe that we came just to see the place.  She was an inquisitive lady. She asked about our details, where we came from and what were we doing and even what caste we belong to. My cousin just answered that we were Hindu. This was the first time it ever mattered when I was travelling in Karnataka. Had we belonged to the same caste she would have arranged for a boat. (Who knows). She walked with us to the place where we could catch the boat and see the island as well.

The calm shore. You just want to sit and retrospect 🙂

This was not the land that I wanted to see. I could see the coconut trees at a far distance. I asked her how to reach the far strip of land. She asked us to take an auto and go through land. I wanted to see the same through boat  :-(. She was in a hurry but asked us to catch the 4’0’ clock bus and return and not stray around. She stressed that point minimum 5 times during our conversation. We really felt like intruders at that point . The place was calm and peaceful. But my mind was only searching for ways to reach that narrow strip of land. I tried to find my location but due to bad coverage I could not locate myself.

A boat approaching our shore from the kudru (island)

After a while we saw a boat coming from the island. A man near our side of the shore said something to us aloud. We ignored as we were habituated to ignore any stranger talking to us in India. That’s the rule of conduct we follow. Later we realised that he was asking if we wanted to take the boat and we felt really bad for ignoring. We clicked few pictures of the island and the strip of land that I was interested in. As it was nearly 4 we decided to move towards the bus stand. We met a lady taking a cow back home after grazing the grass near the shore. We asked her if we could go and see the narrow strip of land closely. She showed us the way but asked not to go as there were lot of dogs. They have a tough time with the dogs and we as strangers could find it even harder. My fear for dogs prevented me from exploring that area. We asked if someone would take us through boat to that place. She told us all the men were either busy or away, so there was no one to take us to there. Disappointed we waited in the bus stand to get the bus. It came around 4:15. We hopped into the bus and returned to our respective house.

The land I want to conquer 🙂

I still have the strong urge to see that place. I hope I could see it very soon 🙂